Vail’s Gate United Methodist Church


Summer 2018

July 1      Holy Communion July 8      Noisy Offering for Habitat July 22    Noisy Offering for our apportionments Aug. 5     Holy Communion;   Ad Council meeting Aug. 12   Noisy Offering for Habitat Aug. 26   Noisy Offering for our apportionments Sept. 2    Holy Communion Sept. 6    UMW meeting
SUMMER MISSION EMPHASIS  For the past few years, we have been very successful in collecting school supplies for children sheltered at Safe Homes of Orange County. We will be collecting these supplies again during the summer months.   Here is a list of the most needed supplies:   Pencils, Composition books, Pens, Book covers, Rulers, Erasers, Construction Paper, Crayons, Pocket folders  
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Summer 2018

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